Metaverse is a new platform, but seems has a big potential

When some platforms need times to get consumers’ attention,

Metaverse need less effort to known as one new platform

Moreover, metaverse is one of a proof for how technology development success used its ability

Since the coming up metaverse, everyone put their interest in this platform

Therefore, many people and companies started to join metaverse

For some tech company, this is a really good opportunity to expand their business

While for some other companies, this is a good place to gain more advantages

Seeing the fact that metaverse is a free space, vary of companies build their digital version

Accordingly, there are many companies virtual version in metaverse

Start with, bank, entertainment, medical and now fashion industry start to build their digital version.

Gucci has promoted a virtual handbag on the popular and well-established gaming platform Roblox

Amazingly, it sold for $4,100, way above its physical price tag.

Louis Vuitton creates a virtual game to celebrate the founder’s 200th birthday,

Packed with trivia challenges, prizes and surprises meant to draw young customers.

Dior Beauty created its own holiday virtual store,

Highlighting the gift options and limited edition products in its Atelier of Dreams.

That is all shows how metaverse has a big potential for business.

Maghan McDowell writes in Vogue Business;

“Marketers, store designers, merchandisers and more will have to begin thinking very differently about what a ‘store’ is,”

“In a world where any experience is possible, why on earth would we use our industrial era version of retail as a template for the future?”

Virtual stores offer the possibility of “a third mode of shopping that resembles neither stores nor websites,” she notes, but rather combines “the best of both the physical and virtual worlds.”


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