Wedding ceremony always be the important moment for all couple around the world

The couple will try their best to serves all family, relatives and all the invitation receiver

They want to everyone come and enjoy the moment together,

But some people may have reasons that make them can’t attend the wedding day

Therefore, Indonesian couple decided to used technology on their wedding day

Daniel Oscar Baskoro and Erlinda Aji Ayuningrum will make another metaverse wedding

Actually, this is not the first wedding in metaverse

Previously, Indian couple also celebrate their happy day in metaverse

The, they successfully held their wedding celebration there.

In other side, one of the Indonesian couple relatives, Arief Faqihudin, said that;

The purpose of holding the wedding was by utilizing metaverse technology

So that guests who can’t attend the wedding at the real wedding place

Still have a chance to enjoy the wedding atmosphere.

“So, in fact, we made especially those who were not present, who could directly access via the internet and could feel the vibes of the wedding,” said Faqih

All invited guests will get a link to be accessed.

Moreover, all guests can choose the menu on the page provided.

They also can choose to stream videos to enjoy marriage with the metaverse.

In this link, invited guests can also greet the bride and groom through the guest book provided at the beginning of the wedding metaverse page.

“There is a kind of website where we can see the procession of the event. Then the story of this wedding is related to the two brides with a 360-degree view that can feel the vibes,” he said.

So, all the live atmosphere will also experience in the metaverse.

are you interested to follow this steps?



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