Metaverse is an open space for anything, including financial service company.

As we know, JP Morgan joins metaverse a few months ago as the first digital bank in metaverse

And now, another financial services company follows the JP Morgan way.

Bank Mandiri the largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets, loans and deposits also come into metaverse.

Metaverse is the proof of technology development can help many people to make an easier life.

Not only a place for the technology company, but metaverse also shares the opportunity for many other companies.

Bank Mandiri signs the contract of collaboration with WIR Group to develop the bank service in the virtual world.

Darmawan Junaidi, the President Director for PT Bank Mandiri, Tbk (Persero) said;

“With the Bank Mandiri presence in the metaverse, surely will expand the digital economy development of Indonesia. This is in the track of Indonesian government’s vision.”

Even though this is the first step for Bank Mandiri, they all optimist that metaverse can be the right platform to bring the beyond banking vision into reality.

Metaverse seems like ideal place to do the expansion of digital banking business.

Because metaverse is a free place that has no limited things to do.

And we all know that, in the future anything that related to advanced technology will be everyone’s favorite things.




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