Metaverse is really helpful

It can connects us with anybody else who are far from home

We can keep our relation just by come to the virtual reality,

Sure it is helpful for the adults

How about the children?

Is metaverse safe for Children?

As we know that games can be find easily in metaverse

It will be ‘heaven’ for kids

They can play all day long with amazing experience in the virtual world

They can feel like meeting their enemies, friends and strangers live in front of their eyes

Unfortunately, parents can’t let their children as that free in the mataverse

As Kevin Gosschalk, the CEO and Founder of Arkose Labs said in an interviews about how danger it is in the metaverse

Because when there are some place that anyone can access freely without the ‘police’ protection, criminal will arise easily

Furthermore, metaverse is a place that ‘easy money’

Therefore, anybody with a bad intention will have access freely and effortlessly

As a great place, metaverse has 2 sides; good and bad

It is a good place for those who can control themselves

For those who mature enough in every aspect

But for children, it could be a bad enough place

Some children are a lull person

They can trust anybody who they meet easily

As a parents, we need to watch our kids!

They need the direction to handle anything in this modern era

Technology progress should followed by the development of knowledge to avoid unpredictable moment

In this case, a bad moment that can created by kids

Besides, letting children manage the digest of their findings by themselves seems like not that good

And letting children spend their many times with the virtual world can be a chance to separate their real life


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