Bring your real-style into the metaverse

Do you have any idea about how it could be?

Some people still criticist the existence of NFTs, metaverse and anything that related to the virtual worlds

When it comes to NFTs, bemused skeptics are often confused as to how virtual pieces of artwork can be worth millions of dollars.

This criticism usually misses the point.

You may take a photo of the Mona Lisa inside the Louvre, but it just isn’t the same.

Now, a new community-owned marketplace is taking on the naysayers

They offering nonfungible tokens that aren’t just digital goods.

ClubRare says each of the NFTs in its collections represent ownership of a real-world authenticated collectible

And they can be brought to life in the metaverse.

The project points to industry experts

Who have predicted that the crossroads between physical and digital worlds

Where crypto industry, especially the metaverse, are heading next.

And as one of the world’s best-known metaverse brands

The Sandbox formed an official partnership with them

That is to ensure that ClubRare collectors can make full use of their NFTs in an immersive way.

Going forwards, both platforms are going to work together to create beautiful limited-edition projects

With a storefront for ClubRare making its debut.

Then, if you figured out your real-style transformation,

But how do you translate this to the metaverse?

This “phygital” marketplace has the answer.

“Why don’t you just right-click and download it?”

Some of you may have that question on your head.

Then, phygital is the right answer

They will backed the NFTs by real-world collectibles

So, you don’t need to confuse about anything that you want to bring from the real-world into virtual world.



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