China and U.S. are some of countries that joins metaverse

Seeing the good potential of metaverse,

A lot of countries, companies and even school start to enter the metaverse

Every countries or companies that one to join metaverse have different thing

In other words, they have their own characteristic

Then, what’s the different between U.S. and China metaverse?

First thing is appearance,

The China metaverse that build by Baidu still shows pretty Pixelated and Legolike looks

While The U.S. metaverse version that build by Meta,

Their visual shows smoother looks for the users

But the avatar is still legless and not particularly perfect

Both Meta and Baidu claims that their respective platform will take another 5 to 10years.

Another different path is,

For China company taking this way may expected be more complicated

Seeing the different technology development may be one of the reason.

Winston Ma the Managing Partner of Cloudtree Ventures said;

“The Chinese companies are subjected to more regulations than in the U.S., companies are taking more cautious approach because of regulatory considerations that’s a big difference between U.S. and China.”

Luckily, U.S. companies have more leeway from regulators compared to China

Moreover, people in the industry said that metaverse gives more developers free reign in terms of innovation

It means, China rules may affect the users experience in metaverse

In other words, both countries’ avatars won’t necessarily be able to see, do and say the same things.





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