FC Porto come and being a part of metaverse

The football club digitalize their stadium in metaverse.

Moreover, they also offers NFTs that will connecting all players and team with fans

You can find the NFTs on the platform.

This is the first European club that work in collaboration with Upland.

Upland has the platform that related to real world geography.

Therefore, this is a good opportunity to open this business

Including buy and build the virtual land

Virtual stadium, Estádio do Dragão FC Porto will used for fans’ digital experience

And this event run along with the Porto added to platform.

The first session of launch will start along the upcoming 2022-2023 football season.

Marketing Director of FC Porto, Tiago Gouveia said;

“We always seeking for new opportunity and we will let metaverse through us. This collaboration is a proof”

In the other side, Upland also describes their honor.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Dirk Lueth of Upland said;

“We are delighted to welcoming FC Porto as the first European football club to join the Upland metaverse,” 

This is may the first European football that come into metaverse,

But this is not the first time metaverse land having a football stadium.

Formerly, Manchester City also build their virtual stadium to serves their fans.



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