HSBC Holdings plc is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company.

A moment ago, HSBC launched a fund for investing in the Metaverse for clients across Asia

As everybody knows that metaverse is an open place for anyone and anything

Furthermore, it has no limitation to joining metaverse

Therefore, vary companies start to join the virtual world

Not only games or entertainment company that want to take a part in the metaverse, but banking company also start to join the world

Formerly, JP Morgan launched its virtual banking platform in Decentraland’s Metajuku shopping district

The company’s Onyx blockchain wing, which is tasked with exploring emerging technologies.

And now, HSBC Starts Metaverse Investment Portfolio.

The objectives of the portfolio is to attract high and ultra-high net worth investors and their clients from Hong Kong and Singapore

Metaverse investors in the two countries set to profit from HSBC’s Metaverse Discretionary Strategy portfolio.

HSBC said that the new fund aims to invest in the Metaverse for some aspects;

Computing, infrastructure, experience and discovery, virtualisation, and interfaces.

Lina Lim, HSBC’s Regional Head of Discretionary and Funds for Investments and Wealth Solutions for the Asia-Pacific, said;

Seeing the current condition, the metaverse ecosystem was in its early stages but was “rapidly evolving.”

As we all know that metaverse attracts public’s attention that much

She also added that;

“We see many exciting opportunities in this space as companies of different backgrounds and sizes are flocking into the ecosystem”


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