Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) announce the participation in Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

They release the first NFT as the symbolize of entering metaverse

Their create their NFT Community and work in collaboration with Meta Kongz

Hyundai is the very first automotive company that joins NFT with their own NFT community

Including their own NFT website, Discord and Twitter as the media

The NFT community will offers brands of Hyundai experience for all users

Besides, NFT will be the solution of describing their own Hyundai mobility

Hyundai Motor will manage their asset through their own media

In this online platform, they will serve you 24/7

You need no worry to contact them.

Moreover, they will always updates their asset value with real-time shows

Not only NFT, the company will also produce a short movie to show “Metabolity Universe”

In order to introduce their products.

On the movie, you will meet the gorilla character to represent the Meta Kongz

And the character will drive Hyundai Pony in a classic version, but will recreate to represent the modernisms

It will shows the mobility solution of time and place.

Furthermore, they will produce 30 limited edition NFTs

It will release on April, 20.

This project will continuously run in this year

They will develop the Hyundai NFT Universe to expand the brand experience


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