Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs has launched a new breakthrough,

It names a metaverse-based consulting service that called the Regional Autonomy Virtual Consultation (Kovi Otda).

This new launch as a gift to commemorate the 26th Regional Autonomy Day (Otda)

Which took place on Monday, April 24

The Director Generalof Regional Autonomy at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Akmal Malik, said;

This breakthrough is a contemporary innovation that functions as a consultation service for regional governments regarding regional autonomy.

This service is run virtually with 3D technology that allows local governments to enter the virtual world.

The innovation launching to serve Indonesian, as the facility of autonomy consultation in the region.

It may will help the government and public in order to make an easier way in any anything that related to the autonomy stuff.

It will serves in the animation or 3D virtual form

According to Akmal, this serving ways will help a lot while the conventional no longer fit to the current era.

As we know that we are entering the new technology era and the change will continuously growth.

The Kovi Otda shows more efficient for this field, besides there are some benefits that offers for the public like;

Flexible and minimize the cost and time when you can easily do the virtual interaction.

Moreover, it really help along the pandemic Covid-19.

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