Recently, metaverse being discussed everywhere.

So many people excited to do anything in metaverse

As we know, that virtual world give us freedom to do everything.

We can do many things, such as; buying a house, go to music concert, hanging out with friends, doing a work or even run a business.

Another surprising news come from one of the popular restaurant in the reality.

Who is not familiar with McDonalds?

This one seems like most of people favorite restaurant.

Not long ago, Darren Rovell a business analyst tweeting on his twitter account.

He posted the information about,

McDonalds joining the metaverse!

“JUST IN: @McDonalds has filed for new trademark applications indicating that it plans to offer a “virtual restaurant featuring actual and virtual goods” and “operating a virtual restaurant featuring home delivery.”

@JoshGerben first.”

Later, McDonalds will offers you virtual restaurants that provides you actual and virtual goods.

It also will be featuring with home delivery services.

So, you can visit McDonalds not only in the actual world, but also in virtual world.

You can feed your avatars with menus that you may can consume in the actual world either.

If it is happen, then McDonalds may will be the first restaurant from the reality that join the virtual world.

The concern may be, they need continuously do the innovation to make attract the avatars’ attention.

Are excited with the McDonalds joining the metaverse?




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