M Social: The First-Ever Hotel In Metaverse


M Social will be the very first hospitality industry that step on metaverse!

Its global hospitality franchise will open the blockchain-based room and board to the Metaverse.

How do you think about it?

A virtual hotel?

Do you get the vibe? or can you feel the experience in real world?

Yups! another unique place come to the virtual world

Hotel is an usual thing in the real world, but how if it comes in the virtual world?

Millennium Hotels and Resorts opened its M Social metaverse hotel on Decentraland

And it will become the first-ever hospitality group to do so.

On their social media, Millenium announce;


We are ready to welcome you to this exciting space as you discover the first ever hotel to be launched in the metaverse. Come along with us on this transformative journey – as a friendly avatar will take you on a tour along with chances to win real-world hotel surprises!”

The virtual hotel will located in the heart of Decentraland near Genesis Plaza,

The place  will support you to explorers the discover of new experiences and connect with like-minded travellers.

Since the day metaverse come up, a lot of people excited to see how technology will develop the concept of virtual world.

Then now, metaverse is one place with a lot of things that show us how technology hit ‘little things’

Even though some people still put their doubt on the technology, web3 or even metaverse

There are a lot of companies that won’t lose hope to create and make their innovation.

Thereby, metaverse become a place of hundred unpredictable things inside.


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