Magnus Jones gives his opinion about metaverse

He is the innovation lead at big four accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY),

He believes that the Metaverse will led by the younger generation

And cannot be built on the same principles of the corporate business model.

Since the day one, a lot of corporate business model seems like want to handle metaverse

In all aspects of metaverse, they will take control

Illustration only

But, the EY innovation lead shed light on the company’s investment strategy explaining why a significant chunk has gone towards younger generation firms and startups.

Jones said that many of these young firms have proven themselves

With valuable products and revenues of millions of dollars.

Furthermore, Jones believes the established firms need to focus on community engagement first,

Before jumping on a trend like NFTs.

He said that the younger generation is currently driving the industry

Moreover, he explained;

“We clearly are focusing heavily on understanding sort of the younger generations and also down to the fact that younger generations are building several key elements of this landscape.”

Jones said that the age-old corporate business model won’t succeed in the Metaverse,

The corporates and tech giants have to think beyond the existing mindset.

Corporates may should find another one that suit to their role

“It’s not that easy necessarily to apply a traditional corporate mindset business model structure in this one.” said Jones.

how about you? do you agree with jones?


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