Metaverse is multi virtual world.

You can do any things and every things in it.

Formal, non-formal and even sacred thing.

As we know before, a couple from India organize their wedding day in the metaverse.

Then, September last year another couple organize their wedding also in metaverse.

Traci and Dave Gagnon first met virtually almost seven years ago.

Then, fell in love in real life and married in the metaverse.

“We all feel instinctively like we are part of something new and something different, and that in some ways maybe the world really change on that day because it opens our eyes to what’s possible,” Traci says.

“It was literally our avatars kissing the same time that we kissed,” she said, adding that her avatar also walked down the aisle the same time that she did.

The question is, is the marriage legal?

John Cassels, a partner and Co-Head of the Regulatory Group at European law firm Fieldfisher give a comment.

He says;

“Marrying in the metaverse is definitely legal in the real world, in the sense that it is not illegal. As for being legally binding – not so much,”

He also added, when the metaverse marriage is not legally binding in the reality, it does not mean that there will not be any legal issues.

“Potential real-world repercussions for metaverse activity may include things done in the metaverse. Being used as evidence of claims made in the real world. If a couple split up after being together, but unmarried in the real world, any claims to one another’s assets might be bolstered by evidence of a ‘marriage’ in the metaverse,” Cassels said.


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