MetaPay, metaverse-based payment system

It requires customers to have the MPay token to invest in the Metaxion universe.

Since the day metaverse come, some people still don’t get it the concept of the virtual world

There are some people that not want to take a part of this digital development

They may confuse with the meaning of metaverse

And what should they do in the metaverse

Or even, how can somebody lives in metaverse?

Moreover, metaverse seems like the copy-paste concept of real-world

Where you can do anything as fit as your real-life activities

Furthermore, metaverse can be a place for the investment, purchase and having fun at the same time

Some articles may already discuss about how to get a job in metaverse

Or how to play-to-earn game in metaverse

But then, how if somebody want to spend their time in metaverse?

What kind of payment system that suit in metaverse?

Well, MetaPay is the answer.

MetaPay is a payment that allows users to make purchases in the Metaxion universe.

The MPay token, commonly known as MetaPay, is the metaverse-based payment system’s native token.

It’s a straightforward payment method requiring customers to have a MetaPay token to invest in the Metaxion universe.

The purpose of MetaPay varies across the Metaxion universe,

They will serve users in different ways.

For instance, you can earn MetaPay tokens by selling the land you purchased

And you can also exchange your MPay tokens for any cryptocurrency you want.

Virtual payment Meta cards in centralized enterprises will provide easy decentralized access to crypto payments.

The merchants will also able to settle metaverse payments along with retail financial transactions.


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