Limitless Invests $60m in Metaverse as a Service Platform

Limitless, the parent company behind the third-largest Metaverse application Next Earth,

Announced the launch of a new Metaverse as a Service or MaaS platform for global companies.

Additionally, the firm is debuting digital real-estate sales on Next Earth,

A digital twin of the entire Earth.

The sales total 5 millions plots of digital land that are purchasable using NFT-based transactions.

Previously, The Sandbox recorded as the Metaverse real estate transactions on the platform

Debut land that leads by Snoop Dogg, the Hip Hop Superstar

Now, Limitless will support its MaaS platform

With plans for a $60 million USD venture fund

That assists startups joining Next Earth and the Limitless ecosystem

Moreover, some accepted startups will also receive access to an application programming interface (API) to help with platform development.

The David Taylor, Co-CEO of Limitless, said;

“I think that most Metaverse [projects] are just trying to recreate Second Life – Instead of doing that, we’re going to create a middleware layer for the Metaverse. Through our API connections, any business small or large can connect to Next Earth”

Furthermore, brands and businesses are currently employing the Limitless ecosystem

In order to get a broader audience share.

The news comes as SEE Turtle launched an immersive gaming campaign

It is to raise money for environmental causes through digital land sales.


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