Unity Software Inc. is a video game software development company.

On a former occasion John Riccitiello the CEO of Unity company talk about the gaming industry chance in metaverse.

As we know that metaverse give us extensive opportunity to shapes anything there.

In the virtual world, we can create, re-make or even re-built any things as we want.

Metaverse is a large space to anyone.

Riccitiello said that metaverse is good opportunity for anything including gaming world.

In a 3D application, industries or companies can get a lot of engagement these days.

He added “last year alon, 1052 new companies came to unity to build application again in architecture, engineer, construction auto, lots of other industries.”

They do that in order to increase their engagement.

The virtual world or metaverse is a part of the future.

Therefore, no body can avoid the technology.

These times, several companies start to follow the further companies that already prepare their selves to join metaverse.

And Riccitiello also sees that it is a great opportunity for all sides, including gaming world.

He also mention that as Unity’s heart is in gaming world, they will always support anything.

They will be there for any gaming world needs without getting rid of the other industries.



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