Microsoft’s metaverse serves anything for you!

As we know, there are several companies that serves you a place of metaverse

Microsoft is on of them, we can say that they are on of the biggest place in metaverse

Every company has their own characteristic, including Microsoft.

A moment ago, Microsoft give announcement about their metaverse growth

Furthermore, they also says that Kawasaki is a new customer for the tech giant’s so-called “industrial metaverse” ⁠

To clarify, it is a fancy way of saying factory floor workers will wear a HoloLens

A headset to help with production, repairs and managing supply chains.

Moreover, It will use the headsets to help build robots.

Microsoft’s industrial metaverse means stitching together many of the company’s technologies

For instance, cloud computing to help factory workers and managers build products faster and more efficiently.

The idea is to create what Microsoft calls a “digital twin” of a workspace,

Which can speed up processes like repairs and starting new manufacturing lines.

For example, instead of calling a repair person to come to the factory to fix a broken part,

A HoloLens can be used to chat with workers on site

And walk them through the repair process with visual cues from augmented reality.

It also lets managers use the digital twin to ramp up new production if needed

Something Microsoft pitches as a way to combat supply chain problems.

Not only Kawasaki, a few times ago Heinz also be a part of Microsoft’s metaverse.

They use the Microsoft industrial metaverse in ketchup factories, and Boeing as manufacturing partners.

From the automotive to the ketchup company, all is that stays in Microsoft’s metaverse!



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