Morris Garage, the automotive marque enters metaverse

Morris Garage or MG announce that the metaverse as their next platform

Their digital platform named, MGverse

As the virtual automotive platform, their coming obviously with the aims

The aims is to create a new experience for their fans

They are have a tendency to make all fans’ get the immersive and attractive experience

Gaurav Gupta, the Chief Commercial Officer of MG in India said;

“In MG, we are trying our best to serves and give the experience to all of our customer in every corner of our MGverse through the contact in there.”

In other sides, the launching of MG in the metaverse is to expand their automotive business

By experiencing this moment, Morris Garage hopes that customers can explore more about MG products.

Besides, they will have a chance to try without going outside their house.

This is such a new interesting experience for the customers

In other words, this experience will give both sides advantages

In order to expand the automotive business, MG also needs this kind of move.

To support this moment, MG will provides 5 arenas for the customers

They have the chance to choose which ones fit for them

For those who want to shape their creativity,

You can choose Explore & Creator’s Center as your arena there.

They also will provide the NFT room

Where customer can use and create their own NFT

are you interested to joining in the arena?


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