Omar Wael, Egyptian Teenager, a 13-year-old kid has created a metaverse

He used his mother’s old clothes.

As a kid growing up in Egypt,

Omar Wael always harbored a passion for all things technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

Moreover, the ambitious teenager even built his first robot at the age of nine.

Then,  a film entitled Ready Player One inspired him to build his own virtual world

The movie which tells a story in which most of humanity exists in virtual simulations,

Sparking an attraction within him for the virtual social world, or metaverse.

So, Wael started developing one of his own.

Using some of his mother’s old clothes, Wael developed a sensory vest and gloves.

Furthermore, he started working on software

That he hopes will allow students like himself to attend classes via the metaverse.

The idea began to take shape as the metaverse became more accessible,

Wael said in an interview quoted by Euro News,

Technology that easier to be accessed help so much to do anything,

“It saves the environment and reduces traffic,” he said

Then, he also added;

“Researchers working on chemical experiments don’t need to buy expensive chemicals, they can simply carry out their experiments in a virtual laboratory in a simulation of what is actually happening in the real world,” 

The results of this work shows a positive impact

It has led to Wael winning numerous local and international awards for his project

The Other World, for which he hopes to secure funding to enable him to develop it further.


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