A lot of companies are really excited to join metaverse.

Metaverse is another world that combine digital and physical world to be enjoyed by people.

The next level of the internet and the growth of technology succeed bring many people’s imagination into reality.

Qualcomm as semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology company also want to take a part of metaverse.

At the Mobile World Congress 2022, Cristiano Amon the CEO of Qualcomm explain about his vision through metaverse.

He said that Qualcomm has already invest in the technology and it is a worth investment.

They work for it from the very long time a go, when it wasn’t as well popular as these days.

The opportunity is in front of our faces, he said that this is nearly to the era where digital twins will arrive.

Moreover, in that moment, Amon also give a happy announcement for all.

“We are announcing our collaboration with ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok”

ByteDance is also an internet technology company.

Qualcomm and ByteDance will be in collaboration for hardware and software.

Amon also added that the collaboration will enable a global XR ecosystem, developing XR device roadmap using the snapdragon XR platform.

In the video that played by Amon in the middle of Mobile World Congress 2022, shows Rubo Liang the CEO of ByteDance.

He also tells about the same commitment between Qualcomm and ByteDance in order to extended the reality technologies.



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