Sony Corporation will expand their existence in the metaverse

The Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation seeing a good opportunity through virtual world

They will build ‘Kando’ with a fresh Metaverse-centric corporate strategy

Sony used their entertainment industry portfolio as the consideration

They will also leverage its gaming technologies to build future Metaverse infrastructure

According to Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony Group Chief Executive,

“The metaverse is simultaneously a social environment, as well as a live networking space where gaming, music, films and anime intersect”

Therefore, it will be the right place to spend and expand their presence

Yoshida added that the corporation aims to expand across entertainment markets in the ‘Kando’ space,

Or experiences which create feeling and emotion for users.

As the the tech giant, Sony  aims to use its knowledge of gaming and music to build the Metaverse,

They also will allowing people to socialise, collaborate, and join gaming communities, among others

The company also have a plan for the future partnership in this field

They will work together with Manchester City Football Club

And live virtual performances from artists signed to Sony Music

It concludes the prioritise mobility for users in three areas; safety, adaptability, and entertainment

Moreover, they also started the talks with Honda Motor Co

In order to develop an alliance for electric vehicles by 2025.

What will come more from sony? We’ll see other greatest creation from them!


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