Sport space in metaverse?

As we know that metaverse is a free space to do anything, but

Have you ever imagine doing a workout and doing sport things in virtual world?

How it feels like?

Surprisingly, WIR Group as the software company will work in collaboration with 99VR

99VR is available application in Playstore and Appstore which has tendency to increasing everyone’s running interest

They want to make an exercise becomes everyone’s lifestyle

The CEO & Founder of 99VR, Stevie Go said;

“By signing this contract with WIR Group, we both agree to create new era in the metaverse. Especially in sport world, they can run and ride their bicycle also they can be in the competition with anyone in the metaverse.”

You can enjoy your time with friends and family there

Previously, you need more effort to do the exercise with your family and friends

You need to go some place,  but now, you just need to find the match time to meet in the virtual world

Then, finishing your exercise with them

For many people, this will be interesting thing to do

In other sides, Gupta Sitorus as the CEO of WIR Group said that, this collaboration shows how much metaverse’s good opportunity.

Besides, this is a good place for any business or company that want to expand their business in digital era

are you excited to experience new thing in metaverse?


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