The Olive group joins metaverse,

The company operates Olive Bar & Kitchen and other brands such as Toast & Tonic and The Grammar Room,

They work in collaboration with online celebrity engagement platform Hey Hey Global

This is will become one of the first few Indian restaurant groups to offer NFTs

Which will include the groups’ restaurants offering physical and virtual experiences to customers

Then, they will engage with the customer through NFTs and the Metaverse.

Olive group founder and managing director AD Singh said that it is a good chance

They really excited to serves the customer

Moreover, it is a good opportunity to shows their integration in the ‘new world’

The NFT gallery will also collaborate with traditional creators as well as digital web3 creators.

As we know that pandemic leave the big impact for many industries,

Including the restaurant, hotel, theater and many more

The Olive Group see this opportunity as the revival to them

Previously, other consumer-facing brands that have experimented in the Metarverse

Including chocolate maker Mondelez, tea brand Tata Tea and hotels-to-packaged goods maker

Seeing the good response from the customer,

The Olive Group really excited to take a part in the virtual world

According to industry estimates, India’s Metaverse-NFT economy is valued at $50-100 million annually,

And forecasted to reach $100 billion by year 2025,

With global brands allocating anywhere between 2-5% of their overall digital spends on NFTs.

so, are you ready to be the olive group customer in the metaverse?


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