Translucia Global Innovation is Thailand-based metaverse startup

Now, they work together with the Australian software development firm

Two Bulls

Then, they set aside an initial budget of $100 million

To build a Metaverse Research and Development Center (MRDC) in Melbourne.

Two Bulls founder James Kane said;

“We’re really designing a whole world,”

He shares about the role his business will play in the yet-to-launch metaverse.

As we know, everybody starts to enter metaverse

Since the virtual world make a simpler space for everyone,

A lot of companies want to invest as much as they can

Translucia is a subsidiary of art and entertainment company T&B Media Global,

They launch the Translucia metaverse project a few times ago

Especially in October 2021

That was a first-stage investment of $283 million for the virtual world.

Then, MRDC project will launch in November this year

Two Bulls Founder and CEO James Kane told that,

T&B undertook a worldwide search for a partner that can help realize the Translucia Metaverse project.

“There was an understanding there would need to be significant research and development,” he said.

“It’s a very ambitious project.” he added

Moreover, he also shares some opinions, he said;

“Within the metaverse there will be ‘galaxies’ and some businesses have already signed on to be galaxies within that larger metaverse. T&B are having conversations with dozens of others and there’ll be announcements around that.”

For some people, metaverse is really good opportunities

Because it is one space to create and expand many spaces of people.


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