Unilever provides wedding place in the metaverse

Formerly, we already see 2 couples share their marriage experience in the metaverse

Each couple has their own experience on that moment

Even though there are still pros and cons about the legalization of the marriage

There come another chance to any couples immortalize their love in the metaverse,

Closeup, a Unilever brand for oral and dental care, has recently launched its own Metaverse

The platform for couples seeking marriage and to receive minted marriage certificate NFTs.

The company’s opened the doors to its Closeup City Hall of Love on the Decentraland platform in late March

The place that allowing happy couples across the world to tie the virtual knot in the Metaverse.

The digital City Hall aims to celebrate diversity for those seeking marriage, regardless of gender, race, or class

In a new virtual environment where people can create avatars and explore new horizons.

Couples seeking marriage in the Metaverse can also receive their blessings from an official wedding attendant

More than that, they also get their NFT Certificate of Marriage to share with loved ones.

The NFT certificate, based on the novel ERC-1155 smart contract, is a semi-fungible token allowing fractional ownership

Then, it will remain free and open to all visiting the platform

People attempting to sell the token will receive a “Love is not for sale” warning, according to the firm.

The fast-moving consumer goods giant also launched ‘Love For All’ website to share stories and advice for people in diverse relationships.

so, are you want to experience this moment?



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