UNPAD or Universitas Padjajaran is an Indonesian University placed in Bandung

A few times ago, UNPAD give announcement to public

They declare that they are work in collaboration with WIR Group

The collaboration is aim to develop education platform in metaverse

Or we called it as Eduverse

Vice chancellor of UNPAD, Yanyan Mochamad Yani explains that,

The team seeing a global digital transformation through metaverse grown so fast

A lot of sides shows a high competition standard in the virtual world

He said;

“An institution should take a part in the digital technology implementation of metaverse, so that they will always be on track.” 

The collaboration will starts with some programs that handled by teams

They obviously will do the education development in metaverse

Injabar or one of the region institution also take a part in this work

Then, Keri Lestari, the Director of Injabar seeing a good opportunity

And he also optimist about the transformation

This may be one of the ways to increase the capability

In addition, Keri explains;

“To create the digital technology, knowledge is not enough. We also need other facility, specifically an application support which can help us to get and used the benefit from technology. It also will have a positive impact for everyone.”

UNPAD is not the first eduverse

Previously, Arizona State University take a space in metaverse.


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