The U.S. Military wants to enter the virtual world

We all know that technology give us simplicity and help us quite enough

It’s not only for businessman or investor, but for other people also

Recently, the US military has begun exploring more complex virtual worlds.

Moreover, a growing interest in connecting and combining virtual worlds is on the position,

With the resembles of metaverse way.

Wired reported that, In December 2021, the US Air Force held a high-level conference involving over 250 people

In locations stretching from the US to Japan, via a virtual environment.

Therefore, Caitlin Dohrman, general manager of the defense division of Improbable says;

“The promise is integrating these technologies,”

A company that develops virtual world technologies,

Has created sprawling virtual battlefields featuring over 10,000 individually controlled characters for the UK’s military wargames,

And also works with the US Department of Defense (DOD).

He also added that;

“It is an extremely complex type of simulation, especially given the fidelity that the military demands,” Dohrman says. “You can either have live players who are participating in the simulation or [characters] can be AI-enabled, which is often what the military does.”

Metaverse-related ideas are already part of some of the latest military systems.


The high-tech helmet for the new F-35 fighter jet, for instance,

Including an augmented reality display that shows telemetry data and target information on top of video footage from around the aircraft.

The U.S. military has remained on top of the metaverse game

It is evident in its new projects that use artificial intelligence assistants,

Which will offer soldiers advice via sound, speech, and graphics

That’s all based on their location and actions.


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