WIR Asia is a Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), dan Artificial intelligence (AI) company.

It is a part of WIR Group Company, a company that placed in Indonesia which already run to international.

These time, digital technology become popular

For that reason, a lot of company enters the metaverse massively

And WIR Asia is one of them,

Because WIR Asia sees a good opportunity in metaverse

Chief Marketing Officer WIR Asia Gupta Sitorus said;

The company come up to serves the demand of public towards digital technology used.

The technology needs followed by the raising technology roles as the solution of many problems these days.

“Thus for filling the needs, we all need to do the innovation and creativity in the digital technology development. Therefore, WIR Group pour the concern on the digital technology. A thing that has a big potential for the business in the future. We are trained to do various innovation for the product development and service high technology, continuously. Which can be adopt and used for many industry sector, government and event for the public.”

Moreover, WIR Asia has the ‘metaverse Visa’ on their pocket.

Hence, they want to serve anyone by creating their own metaverse

Certainly, their issuer technology mission are;

Expand the individual living experience, company and public

Accordingly, that is all cover through the digital reality such as;

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), dan Artificial intelligence (AI) products.


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