Playboy is set to add to its Web3 offerings by launching a MetaMansion

It be the will host gaming, social and programmed events,

That obviously along with future NFT collectible releases from the firm.

Finally, Playboy will launch their first ‘MetaMansion’ in The Sandbox.

The conic and raunchy lifestyle brand Playboy,

Has teamed up with NFT-based Metaverse gaming platform The Sandbox to launch the MetaMansion.

The MetaMansion also builds on Playboy’s Rabbitars NFT project,

Which consists of 11,953 tokenized bunny avatars

That went for around $800 apiece in October 2021.

Then, there is a good news for all holders,

Because holders of these NFTs will soon be able to access exclusive experiences at the virtual mansion.

Even though there still no details about when the exact time of launch

So many people waited for this brand coming

The Sandbox also stated that,

Users will able to snap up neighboring NFT land plots to the MetaMansion later this quarter.

If anything from recent history is to go by,

There can be  strong demand for the land,

Seeing that someone paid $450,000

Just to be Snoop Dogg’s neighbor in The Sandbox-based Snoopverse in December.

The Sandbox chief operations officer and co-founder Sebastien Borget, said;

“Playboy is emblematic for its charm, lifestyle, and entertainment content that has transcended generations and that has already stepped into Web3 with early success,” 

Previously, Playboy first delved into NFTs in April last year

After it rolled out a series of tokenized centerfolds via Nifty Gateway.

If some brands dipped their toes into NFTs for what seems to be a quick cash grab,

It seems different with this brand

Playboy may be here for the long term considering it is launching the MetaMansion amid a bear market.




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