We all know that many people love to spend their time to playing the games

Some people do it as their hobby

What is interesting then?

The interesting things come these few times related to games and metaverse

If a long-time ago player spend their time to enjoying the game,

People nowadays do it as the source of their income.

Metaverse seems like an ‘angel’ for those people.

Surely, because of they have the new version as the media to play and earn the money.

You can find so many NFTs games in the metaverse

You can do both hobbies and earn your income at the same time.

Sounds interesting, right?

The NFTs are the new system that creates the income for the players

One of the play-to-earn game is Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a non-fungible token-based online video game that has a similarity as Pokemon

And this type of the game has garnered the gaming enthusiast community to play those game.

Moreover, these games have the potential to shapes metaverse in the future

Brent “Kyroh” Vitt the Axie Infity player said;

“I think it’s going to be forefront of the NFTs and I think it’s going to be forefront of the metaverse.”

Besides, it allows players to get and sell the profit from their in-game performance.

Obviously, it will attract people to join the metaverse to play the games

For the players it will be challenging yet create the happiness.

It likes everybody’s dream, where the hobbies become the source of the income.

so, are you intersted to try the play-to-earn game?


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