Why is metaverse appears in the right time?

Do you guess it?

Metaverse come up in the middle of stressful situation due to pandemic

In this situation, several people and company find ways to survive

They all trying all the best they can to live a life

Then, suddenly metaverse come into the public

That’s maybe one of the reason why metaverse become that rapidly growing.

Metaverse is a free space that can give benefit for both user and company

You can join metaverse as a user, then make something that ‘create’ money to live

That’s something that maybe been a long-waited for some people,

Where they can stay at home, but still making money

That’s so interesting, when you can having fun in the digital world, but enjoy the money for the real world.

It is also a new challenge for the technology company

They need to do the innovation to attract people attention through their product.

But obviously, metaverse is not only a place for making money

You can also ‘run’ from the reality for a while and enjoy anything that metaverse offers

Seeing this current situation, people can’t go far from their place

Fortunately, metaverse can help them to reach people that far from you

As Jon Fortt the CNBC’s journalist for the business said that;

Why Facebook rebranded? Because angry old people spent the pandemic soiling democracy on Facebook while quarantine young people socializing together in some online games.

Therefore, metaverse rapidly grow and it seems like the right time of its emerging.



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