There are several companies that joining metaverse since a moment ago, but no one have exactly the same meaning

Every company has their own perspective towards metaverse so that they create the metaverse based on their understanding

This far, there is no children place at the metaverse

The totally safe place for them, because generally metaverse is a free space and have ‘police’ in there

Therefore, parents are worrying their children joining metaverse

Finally, there is a good news for all parents!

Epic Games American video game and software developer will work in collaboration with Lego, a Danish toy production company

They will work together in order to create the safe place for children in metaverse

As cited from gameinformer Epic Games says;

“build an immersive, creatively inspiring, and engaging digital experience for kids of all ages to enjoy together.”

Moreover, it will give “kids access to tools that will empower them to become confident creators and deliver amazing play opportunities in a safe and positive space.”

Again, as for what this “place”

Perhaps something like Fortnite, considering Epic Games will involved

Or perhaps Lego is handling the creation of this “place” instead.

The Lego Group CEO Niels B Christiansen writes in a press release;

“Kids enjoy playing in digital and physical worlds and move seamlessly between the two,”

“We believe there is huge potential for them to develop life-long skills such as creativity, collaboration, and community through digital experiences. But we have a responsibility to make them safe, inspiring, and beneficial for all. Just as we’ve protected children’s rights to safe physical play for generations, we are committed to doing the same for digital play.”


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