Healthcare these days can be ‘disrupted’ by metaverse

The metaverse has significant potential to ‘disrupt’ traditional healthcare delivery in the long term,

That is the statement according to a recent Accenture report cited from

As we know that metaverse growing so fast

It successes to reach any sides attention

A lot of traditional industries started to join the virtual world

Even though it will likely take time for providers to begin building their own digital environments in the metaverse,

Healthcare leaders said they believe metaverse technologies soon help them

Then, will have a positive impact on healthcare.

According to Accenture’s survey, more than 80% healthcare executives across 10 countries

Agreed that metaverse will give a positive impact for their field

Kaveh Safavi, senior managing director at Accenture Health explains,

Metaverse and the technologies will help them much more

For example, technologies like blockchain and tokenization

They help to build a more distributed data layer into the internet,

Then, it allows data to be owned and validated by metaverse users.

Healthcare organizations can shift part of their operations to the metaverse

Also maintain their own internal virtual environments

Moreover, this will allow employees to work from anywhere

Then, collaborate based on data that they can authenticate.



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