In real world, jewellery is kind of common investments for collectors

Along with the development era, where digital world appears among us

The metaverse is shadowing our physical reality ever more closely,

And now it’s coming for our accessories and investments stuff

Then, how does the virtual world jewellery connect with the collectors

And customers in today’s real-world high jewellery clientele?

Icecap, a blockchain-based NFT platform, appears to have the answer.

Selling “investment-grade” diamonds on NFT marketplace OpenSea,

They issue the buyer with an NFT

That will represents incontrovertible ownership

Ownership of a physical asset stored in a secured vault.

Obviously, it related to the NFTs system

How are NFTs affecting high jewellery investments?

Metaverse marketplace OpenSea sells diamonds

While Sotheby’s auctioned earrings inspired by a Van Gogh artwork

Moreover, it will be in a form of digital token

The digital Twin’s NFT auction offered a pair of 18k gold earrings

Furthermore, it designed by Payal Shah of L’Dezen,

Whose creations have been seen on Rihanna and Michelle Obama investment-grade diamonds

And it can be found on metaverse marketplaces like OpenSea

Then, buyers get an NFT

As the represents ownership of a physical asset secured in a vault

The platform will selling “natural and rare coloured diamonds”,

Icecap’s diamond marketplace offers a wealth of options

That is for savvy consumers,

With up to 500 combinations of colour, clarity and carat,

And investor prices set between typical online retail and wholesale prices.

In addition, the blockchain will creates a chain of provenance

Which is not means a new phenomenon in the world of high jewellery

As well as a secondary financial opportunity for investors

So, would you like to start your investment in metaverse?


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