How if there is no crypto in the metaverse? Can they be separated?

We all know that metaverse and crypto are the two things related to the digital stuff.

We can live and do anything in the digital world, metaverse.

As the digital currency, crypto is the right thing to used in the digital world, right?

But, it is interesting thought about how if in the digital world there is no digital currency?

There are some experts that shows up their thought about this question.

Hitesh Malviya, Founder, IBC Capital said that crypto can be use to fuel economy inside metaverse.

He also added that;

“Crypto could be used as a utility in metaverse platforms in future,”

It means that these two things relate to each other

As if we live in the real world without money,

How can we live in the virtual world without crypto?

Even though metaverse is unreal world, but it is like a second place for some people

A place where they can do all the things

And obviously, it needs money to run

As Malviya’s thought there is also Shivam Thakral, CEO of BuyUcoin that said

The metaverse and crypto cannot be separate as the underlying

The tech for both are the same and crypto is an integral part of metaverse governance and functioning.

They both agree that metaverse and crypto can’t be separate

Because they are two things that related each other.

Contrary to their opinion, Edul Patel, Co-Founder and CEO, Mudrex said that metaverse and cryptocurrencies are entirely different concepts that can exist without each other.

He also added that;

“Metaverse can add significant value to the global economy, and that value could be realised in crypto using it as a mode of payment,”

how do you think? Can metaverse and crypto be separated?


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