Neal Stephenson, the author who coined the term “Metaverse” 30 years ago,

Launching a metaverse-focused blockchain project called LAMINA1.

He also revised his vision for the Metaverse,

Stating that the experience is likely to be gear more toward flat 2D screens

Rather than virtual reality or augmented reality tech

Such as headsets and lenses

As in the model proposed by Meta and Microsoft.

Stephenson is a popular speculative fiction author

He explored the concept of a virtual reality world called the Metaverse in his sci-fi novel Snow Crash in 1992.

Outside of writing, the 62-year-old also served as the chief futurist for an augmented reality (AR) firm called Magic between 2014 and 2020.

According to a Wednesday announcement from OG crypto investor and former Bitcoin Foundation chairman Peter Vessenes,

He and Stephenson have co-founded a new layer-1 blockchain

Which called LAMINA1 that they hope will act as the “base layer for the Open Metaverse.”

Moreover, as the he ‘Father’ of the Metaverse Neal Stephenson will focus on;

Helping get artists and other value creators paid properly for their work, helping the environment and seeing a truly open Metaverse get built

He sees that metaverse should be the right place for the artist

Where they can share and appreciated by the other through their art

So, it may be the one that privileges creators, technical and artistic,

Furthermore, it hopes can be a place that provides support,

Spatial computing tech, and a community to support those who are building out the Metaverse


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