Scarlett Yang, the London-Based designer show us how technology really helps for many aspects.

In 2020, she bring a new form of design using technology.

Then, Yang creates a garment that look like glass,

The temperature and weather can change the texture of its creation

And it will dissolved if you left it in water.

That’s all because of the technology that Yang used.

Yang’s clothing made from algae extract, which formed an intricate, leathery lace when cast in custom-made 3D molds before being treated with silk cocoon protein.

To bring this impossible-looking creation to life, Yang began by experimenting with virtual designs:

Using software to run through various silhouettes and simulations before she got to the stage of making it.

Yang explains;

“I’m super passionate about combining these elements of science, digital tech, and visual fashion,”

“There’s more creative freedom in the digital [realm], there’s no constraints, no gravity,”

Yang was among the designers who recently participated in the first Metaverse Fashion Week.

The metaverse fashion week run as well

The virtual place in a virtual-world, browser-based platform, Decentraland.

Moreover, in the event, anyone with a computer please to join,

Sending their avatar to jerkily wander through shopping malls and catch shows from brands including;

Etro, Tommy Hilfiger, and Roberto Cavalli.

As a result of her creation, Yang’s contribution was a series of virtual “skins” in collaboration with contemporary artist Krista Kim and Amsterdam-based digital fashion house the Fabricant

In other words, they featuring materials delicate as dragonfly wings.


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